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Recruitment of Migrants and Sustainability 2022

Many European countries are depending in migrant workers. Migrant workers are often cheaper and they have the motivation to work in the fields where it is difficult to find enough of labor inside Europe. How responsible is their recruitment? The Covid19 pandemic and the war Russia started in Ukraine in February 2022 has only accelerated the European need for migrant workers. We interviewed Ukrainian builders in different countries before the war.

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The competition over Filipino nurses gets tighter

Filipino nurses are sought after workers all over the world, but how responsible is their recruitment now? Now during the Covid19 pandemic, both the global need for nurses and the risks of working in a field have increased. More than 2 million Filipino nurses work now abroad. We found out what are the terms and salaries Filipino nurses get in different countries and what changes Covid19 has brought to the international recruitment of nurses.

Sustainability analyses of the most urgent global topics

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ALTERNATIVE ENERGY BY CONTINENTS 2022 – From which continent and from where do you find the most innovative Energy Solutions of tomorrow?

The Future belongs to Green Energy. But Green comes in many forms. In this analyses we discuss about Geothermal, Hydro, Hydrogen, Wind, and Solar Power projects across the globe.

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MINING INDUSTRY, E-WASTE AND SUSTAINABILITY 2022 – Can valuable minerals be mined and recycled in more healthy and clean way?

Wind power, solar panels, electric cars, the world today is electrifying and needs more and more batteries and rare minerals. These minerals are mined in mines around the world.

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WINDPOWER CREATES TOMORROW’S ENERGY GIANTS 2022 – The ongoing tough global competition over the future wind power market

The share of wind power in the energy market is growing strongly. The European Union and the United States have decided to invest billions in wind power by 2030.

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ESG INVESTING: PROBLEMS AND OPPORTUNITIES 2022 – Sustainable investing may work against climate goals, so how to pick the good ones?

Climate, responsibility and ESG funds are now extremely popular investment targets, but does investing in them play a real role in combating climate change and creating more responsible business?

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Russia is the Clear Guilty for the Rise of the Global Food Prices in 2022

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Cities are fighting against the rising waters – The best contingency plan in the world can be found in Rotterdam, but is even that enough?

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Environmental and health problems caused by toxic e-waste worsen in Africa despite regulation

Toxic waste electrical and electronic equipment rarely ends up being properly recycled worldwide. According to a recent report, only about...

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